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Introduction to Process Water Recycling and Treatment in Mineral Processing EITRawMaterials

About This Webinar

Environmental requirements, such as stricter tailings management procedures or discharge limits together with water scarcity challenges are putting pressure on reducing fresh water usage and effluent volumes in mineral processing operations. These stricter requirements pose new challenges to the mineral processing plants.

Concentrators are starting to close their water loops by dewatering tailings, and recycling process water. Increased recycling and reuse of water can have detrimental effects on process water quality due to accumulation of certain substances in the recycled water streams. This in turn may have adverse effects on the flotation recovery or overall process performance. Due to this, recycled process water often needs to be treated, preferably in a cost-effective manner.

The webinar begins by introducing the drivers for and challenges of process water recycling in minerals pro-cessing before discussing the results from two case studies. After that the basic principle of the flotation pro-cess is described followed by presenting some process water constituents and their impact on flotation per-formance. The webinar ends with introducing a modular water treatment solution that is designed for solving these problems related to process performance in mineral processing plants.


12 December 2018


9:00 a.m. CET


30’ + 15’ questions


By the end of the webinar, the participant is expected to:

  • Have a deeper knowledge of the water management in mineral processing plants
  • Have a greater understanding of the impact of water quality on the process performance
  • Get acquainted with modern water treatment technologies


Researchers, students in their final stages of studies or in general people who are conscious about environmental and sustainability issues related to mining.

Professionals interested in learning about recycling of process water.

Course Staff