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Boosting transformation from linear to circular economy EITRawMaterials

About This Course

Have you wondered what do the terms “circular economy” and “circular economy ecosystem” really mean?

This course introduces you to the role of circular economy ecosystems in the broader societal change from linear economy towards circular one. You will get a good understanding of the characteristics of circular economy ecosystems, what kind of business opportunities they enable, how their origin can be supported, and what kind of changes are needed in transition from a material-centric to service-centric business ecosystems. Our particular aim is to give you an insight of different approaches and tools that are available for if you want boost and orchestrate the circular economy transition.


To understand the characteristics of circular economy ecosystems and to be able to apply the tools for sustainable business development and leadership in your own work.


For researchers, entrepreneurs and students who are interested in business opportunities emerging from the circular economy.


A basic understanding of business models is needed.

Course Staff

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Maria Åkerman

Maria works as Principal Scientist in the research field of socio-technical transitions at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Prior to VTT, she has worked as a professor of natural resources policy at the University of Eastern Finland. She has multidisciplinary social scientific background in environmental policy, science and technology studies, and economics. She has been in charge of several research projects and demanding consultancy tasks exploring innovative sustainability practices, environmental conflict resolution, emerging markets for bio-based products, and energy transitions.

Course Staff

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Maria Antikainen

Maria works as Principal Scientist specialized in innovation in business networks at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. She is also an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Industrial Management, Tampere University of Technology. She leads scientific work and excellence development in Circular Economy at VTT. In specific, her research focuses on business model innovation, business model experimentations and consumer-driven services in the context of the Circular Economy.

Course Staff

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Minna Halonen

Minna works as Research Scientist in the field of foresight and socio-technical change at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. She works as expert and project manager in national and international research projects promoting sustainability by means of participatory foresight methods. Her ambition is to support decision-making and raise public awareness of possible future development paths in topics such as smart cities, energy, climate change mitigation, socio-technical change, and innovation ecosystems.