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Successfully Approaching and Dealing with Large Companies EITRawMaterials

About This Course

Are you an entrepreneur, a startup or an academic researcher with a great invention? To turn your invention into real value it is likely that you at a certain point will need to approach a larger global company. It could be to set up a technical joint venture, to get a first large customer or simply to sell your invention to the company.

This course is a very basic course for inventors who never have collaborated with larger companies before. The aim is to give you a basic understanding of the typical innovation process in a larger company and highlight some risks and bottlenecks for the inventor approaching the company. The course also cover Open Innovation as a door opener to larger companies, as well as tips, do’s and don'ts in pitching and negotiation.


To get a good understanding of how innovation is driven within large companies, how they think and what their needs and processes are ino order for you to be better prepared for how to approach them and increase your chances of success in pursuing a commercial deal or commercial collaboration or partnership with them


For researchers, entrepreneurs and inventors that never before have worked with larger companies and want to take the first steps to approach these companies with an invention or an idea.


No prerequisits or requirements are needed to take this course.

Course Staff

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Erik Ronne

Erik Ronne, Ph.D. Vice President Innovation RISE - Research Institutes of Sweden.

Erik has a PhD in organic chemistry and has 20 years of industrial experience at AkzoNobel where he worked as a Global Innovation Manager. Before that he worked in various R&D positions including being manager of the corporate nanotechnology research. Erik has extensive knowledge and experience in Technology Road Mapping, Project Portfolio Management, Stage-Gate Innovation and Open Innovation.