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Business Model Innovation for researchers EITRawMaterials

About This Course

Do you want to increase the business impact and knowledge transfer results of your research? Do you want to focus and develop your research empathising with businesses and their approach towards research and innovation?

In this online course, you will learn to develop innovative and viable proposals for value generation from a business model perspective. You will understand and learn approaches and methodologies for developing research activities from a business perspective as well as the trade-offs to make and the design issues that are critical for a viable and sustainable research from a business perspective.

This course will help you explore techniques and tools through a defined process to develop research and transfer activities from a business model innovation perspective, and gain skills to align researcher´s and stakeholders´ needs, approaches and outcomes for maximum impact on society. The content include concepts in business model innovation from a research perspective as well as a timeline, and methodologies for researching from a business perspective.

The course structure is based on four sequential modules that will run from Monday to next week´s Monday, for a total learning period of four weeks. Course material includes videos, presentations, activities and self-assessments for each one of the learning modules.

The estimated effort the course requires is 2 hours per week, what makes a total effort of 8 hours. BREAK-IT project representatives will concede a Certificate as well as a Digital Badge to all students that pass the course.


By the end of the course, students are expected to:

• have acquired basic applicable knowledge about Business Model Innovation from a researcher´s perspective.

• be able to apply the proposed methodology and techniques to increase the business impact and knowledge transfer results of their research


Researchers, students in their final stages of their PhDs and Post Doc students willing to explore their potential beyond technical skills and aiming to improve their skills on innovation & intrapreneurship, communication, business models, customer needs and markets.



Course Staff

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Juan Ignacio Igartua

Juan Ignacio Igartua (PhD, MPhil, PMP) is professor at Mondragon University and for more than four years he has been the Director of the Office of Transference of the Results of Investigation of the engineering faculty. He is member of the Basque Foundation for Quality Assessors Club, participating in external company assessments regarding Advanced Management and Innovation. He has contributed to the design and development of the MONDRAGON business group´s Innovation Model (M4Future) and to Mondragon Univertity´s Cooperative Research Model, based on the collaboration of Firms, Research Centres and Universities. He has published a number of articles in various journals such as Research Technology Management, International Journal of Innovation Management, International Journal of Technology Management, Procedia Computer Science, Journal of Management Development, Industry and Higher Education, International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation, and Technology Analysis and Strategic Management. He teaches technology and innovation management to undergraduate and PhD students and carries out consultancy on innovation and strategic management. His current research focuses in the areas of strategic management, innovation and technology management, business model innovation and innovation management techniques and tools (IMTs).

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Jaione Ganzarain

Jaione Ganzarain (PhD, PMP) is lecturer and researcher at Mondragon Unibertsitatea Faculty of Engineering. Her current research focuses on technological entrepreneurship, managing innovation, IMTs, academic technological entrepreneurship, the entrepreneurial university and university-industry collaboration and Innovation Management. She has been involved in various regional research project related to academic entrepreneurship and university-industry collaboration. During the last 20 years at the University she has been involved in different University-Business cooperation projects and activities like Industry Based Problem-Based Learning approach, Long-Life Learning, University-Business Collaborative schemes, as well as Action Research Activities with SMEs based on university business collaboration approaches. She teaches innovation and entrepreneurship related subjects to undergraduate, Masters and PhD students as well as she carries out continuous training and consultancy on innovation-entrepreneurship and project management. He has supervised 5 PhD. He has participated in 25 research projects and 12 projects with contracts with companies.